Frequently Asked Questions

Website development refers to the act of planning, designing and developing website. In short, it means building website programs from scratch or adding to existing programs.
Some website development companies specialize in certain things, offering development for a single type of category or product. More comprehensive service providers, such as Bytesoft Inc., offer a range of website-related services, including options such as custom website development, mobile application development and development of cloud software solutions. Service providers may also provide help with testing and troubleshooting, implementation and future updates to website.
You want to choose a website development services company that aligns with your business needs. Here are a few considerations to factor in when looking for a website development partner:
  • Have they created similar programs? Look for a company that has expertise in your niche and a history of proven results.
  • How do they work with their clients? Ask about communication, how much control you have, and what type of development or project methodology they will use. You want to work with a partner that can align with your own business processes well whenever possible.
  • What are the costs and how does pricing work? Make sure you understand pricing structures, fees and how the cost could evolve if things with your project change. Obviously, you want to choose a vendor that's within your budget.
Cost for website development can range widely and depend on factors such as:
  • Complexity of the project
  • Whether you need integrations
  • Timeline, as faster may be more expensive
  • Type of website being developed
For more information about the cost of website development, reach out to Bytesoft Inc. with information about your project.
The timeline for website development varies depending on all the same factors that impact pricing. Simple website may be developed in the space of a few weeks while complex solutions might take months. For more information about potential timelines for your project, reach out to Bytesoft Inc. today.
Bytesoft is an Information & Technology solutions company with great experience in providing real world IT solutions on a global basis. These solutions include website design, development and implementation, e-commerce solutions, web based applications, mobile based applications, SEO, SMO, etc. Our salient features include -
  • Dedicated professional experts
  • Highly satisfied clients globally
  • Capable of handling both small and large, complex projects
  • We have served clients both inside and outside Canada
  • Our major focus is on local and national markets
We have strict security protocols that govern our work methodology and take precaution against all safety and security risks. Additionally, our hiring process ensures that we only employ industry experts with a sense of integrity and conscience. Our employees would never partake in intellectual theft at the risk of their careers.
We use an efficient change management procedure for any changes in the project. For minor ongoing changes in the running project, the changes are communicated to the project manager concerned, who gets them executed. If the changes are significant and can greatly add to the work-load that has been estimated at the beginning of the project, we scope creep the project again and submit the revised quote, for acceptance to the client.
A dedicated mobile app enjoys several benefits over a mobile website. A mobile app is usually more user-centric and offers a more engaging experience as compared to a mobile website. Additionally, mobile apps are capable of archiving content offline for greater ease of access.